General Membership Meetings

UpdatedTuesday November 19, 2019 byRyan Mueller.

The General Membership meetings are open to all League parents.  We strongly recommend that you attend some of these meetings.  Ask questions, make suggestions, and get an idea how decisions are made and why.  The League belongs to all of us and everyone's input is welcomed. Meetings are held in the West Islip Community Center Cafeteria (at the back of the building).

Except for holidays 2020 meetings take place on the first Monday of the following months, at the given time.


January 6th- 7:30 pm
February 3rd- 7:30 pm
March 4th- 7:30 pm
April 6th- 8:30 pm
May 4th- 8:30 pm
June 1st- 8:30 pm
November 2nd- 7:30 pm

Operating Personnel are required to attend at least one Nov-Jan meeting, one in Feb-Mar, and two in Apr-Jun in order to vote in the elections.  Operating personnel includes the Board, Committee Members, Managers and Coaches, concession volunteers, groundskeepers and umpires who meet the minimum volunteer requirements.